Hatfield and Company
Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Products and Solutions for Filtration, Instrumentation, Loading, Valve, Steam, and Piping Products


Hatfield and Company has multiple solutions to provide clean water, air, and steam. We also sell, service, and repair heat exchangers and specialize in steam system optimization.

Steam Trap Test Valves

Steam Traps, Hot Water Solutions, Condensate Pumps, Air Vents & Drains, Steam & Condensate Manifolds, Heat Transfer Products, Coils

Electric Heat Trace Cable: Self-Regulating, Mineral Insulated and Constant Wattage, Controls, Pad Heaters, Temperature Equipment

Silent Inline Lift Checks NPT and Flanged, Check Valves for Liquid, Gas and Steam Services

Steam Condensate Pumps

Air, Gas, and Steam Separators , Exhaust Heads, Air Vents

Air Dryers and Compressed Air Filter Products

Heat Trace Equipment, Steam and Electric Tube Bundles, Instrument Enclosures and Stands

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers, Gaskets & Repairs

High Performance Heat Tracing, Equipment Jacketing and Tank Heating

Blanket Insulation, Insulation Jackets, Insulation Covers

Freeze and Scald Protection Valves, Temperature Control Products and Hosedown Stations, Steam Traps

Temperature Controllers, Power Controls, Thermocouples, RTDs, and Heaters


Heat Exchangers, Replacement Gaskets and Temperature Parts

Steam Traps-Thermodynamic, Thermostatic & Mechanical, Y-Strainers