Hatfield and Company
Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Products and Solutions for Filtration, Instrumentation, Loading, Valve, Steam, and Piping Products

Corporate Headquarters

2475 Discovery Blvd.
Rockwall, TX 75032
Phone: 972.288.7625
Fax: 972.289.9063

Rockwall (Dallas), Austin, Longview: After Hours Emergency Customer Service, call 972.400.0702

Houston: After Hours Emergency Customer Service, call 281.893.8870

New Orleans: After Hours Emergency Customer Service, call 504.559.8440


Greg Hatfield President/COO x1107
Jeremy Bell CFO x1108
Harvey Sparhawk CIO x1104

Accounting Department

Kelly Lawrence A/P x1110
Becky Lloyd A/P x1116
Pam Sitzes A/P x1114
Maegan Heathcock A/R x1120
Sherry Miller A/R x1105
Mary Witt Drop Ships/Freight x1112

Data Processing

Linda True Norman Computer Operations/Windows Help Desk x1117
Steve Van Hecke IT Technician x 1101

Human Resources

Mabel Peery Director x1109

Inventory Management

Kathy Cash Inventory Management Assistant x1111
Teresa Jensen Inventory Management Assistant x1113


Jennifer Dearing Corporate Sales & Marketing Assistant x1119