Hatfield and Company
Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Products and Solutions for Filtration, Instrumentation, Loading, Valve, Steam, and Piping Products

Corporate Headquarters

2475 Discovery Blvd.
Rockwall, TX 75032
Phone: 972.288.7625
Fax: 972.289.9063

Rockwall (Dallas), Austin, Longview: After Hours Emergency Customer Service, call 972.400.0702

Houston: After Hours Emergency Customer Service, call 281.893.8870

New Orleans: After Hours Emergency Customer Service, call 504.559.8440


Greg Hatfield CEO x1107
Scott Beeman President/COO 281.893.8870
Jeremy Bell CFO x1108
Shannon Ripkowski CIO x1104
Harvey Sparhawk IT Consultant x1103

Accounting Department

Pam Sitzes A/P x1114
Chelsey LeFlore A/P x1116
Sherry Miller A/R x1105
Nancy Lilly A/R x1118
Maegan Heathcock A/R x1120
Crystal Kirby A/R x1115

Data Processing

Linda True Norman Computer Operations/Windows Help Desk x1117
Steve Van Hecke IT Technician x1101

Human Resources

Mabel Peery Director x1109

Inventory Management

Kathy Cash Inventory Management Assistant x1111
Teresa Jensen Inventory Management Assistant x1110
Becky Lloyd Inventory Management Assistant x1112


Jennifer Dearing Corporate Sales & Marketing Assistant x1119