Hatfield and Company offers a wide variety of instrumentation and measurement technologies: Level, Flow for liquids & gases, Pressure, Temperature, and various analytical systems.

Genie, Tornado, Avenger, Air/Gas Filters, Gas Sampling, Moisture Packets, and Separators


Magnetic Liquid Level Indicators with Guided Wave Radar Transmitter, Econolev Magnetic Level Gauge

Level Measurement Controls and Systems

RF Admittance (Capacitance Based) Level Instrumentation, Ultrasonic, Magnetostrictive, Hydrostatic, Open Air Radar & TDR Instrumentation, Level Switch

Hand & Gauge Valves, Manifolds, Direct Mount Systems, Enclosures, Severe Service Valves

pH Measurement, ORP, Conductivity Measurement, DO Sensors and Transmitter systems

Differential Flow Measurement, Accelarbar-Verabar-Wedge-Venturi-OFU, Vortex Measurement for Liquids, Gasses & Steam

Pressure Transducers, Transmitters & Switches, Temperature Switches, Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, Digital Panel Meters, Bimetal Thermometers & Thermowells

Flow Meters: Turbine, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Impeller, Coriolis, Differential Pressure

Level Switches, Pressure Switch, Regulators, Pressure Transducers, Temperature Switch, High Pressure Diverting Valves

Non-Contacting Nuclear Level, Density, Concentration, Bulk Flow & Moisture Measurement

Bulk Solids & Liquid Level Switches, Level Transmitters, Inventory Management

Solenoid Valves, Process Valve Actuation, Process Control Valves, Sensors for Level, Pressure, Flow & Fluid Analysis

High Pressure Needle Valves, Ball Valves, Subsea Valves, Fittings and Tubing

Personal & Portable 1 – 5 Gas Detection & Flame Detection Units

Flow Conditioners, Flow Nozzles & Venturis, Static Mixers

Orifice Plate Fittings, Flange Fittings, Meter Runs, Manifold Valves

Electric Heat Trace Cable: Self-Regulating, Mineral Insulated and Constant Wattage, Controls, Pad Heaters, Temperature Equipment, Freeze Protection

Personal & Portable 1 – 5 Gas Detection & Flame Detection Units, Fixed Systems

Open Channel/Effluent Flow Meters

Portable Combustion Analyzers

Liquid Flowmeters for Process Chemicals, Water, Fuels & Oil

Magnetic Flow Measurement, Precision & Specialty Turbine, Positive Displacement & Ultrasonic Measurement, NIST Flow Lab

Aquarian Electronic Level Indication & Visual Gauge Sight Glass equipment for Boiler Steam Drum Water Level, Feedwater Heater Level/Alarming, Drain-Pot Level/Alarming

Liquid Level Sensors, Flow Switches, Pressure Switches & Transmitters, Level Switches, Small Solenoid Valves

Acoustic Wave Level Transmitters for Liquids & Solids, Level Switches, Sonar Level, Centurion Guided Wave Radar, Laser Level

Instrument and Pipe Fittings – 1/16″ OD-2″ OD, Brass, 316 SS and Monel, Precision Pipe Fittings – 1/8″ NPT – 1″ NPT, Brass and SS, Valves (Hoke & Gyrolok sales are only authorized in Oklahoma, Kansas, North & Central Texas)

Liquid Level Gauges and Valves, Gauge Glass, Sight Glass, Sight Flow Indicators

Pressure Switches and Temperature Switches, Analyzers

Rotameters/Variable Area Flowmeters, Metal and Glass Tube Meters, Analyzers

Insertion, In-Line, Multipoint & Portable Flow Meters

Stainless Steel Tubing, Tube Fittings and Needle Valves

Flow Switches and Flowmeters, Excess Flow Valves, Rotameters, and Analyzers

Regulators, I/P and E/P Transducers and Pressure Gauges, Thermometers

Pressure Gauges – Vacuum to 60,000 PSIG, Analyzers and Calibration Equipment

Calibration Equipment, Measurement Equipment, HART Calibrators, and Flow Meters & Elements

Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Transmitters and Level Switches

Pneumatic and Electric Level Switches and Control Valves, Flow Switch

Moisture Analyzers, Dew Point Analyzers: Portable & Fixed Units

Precision Gas & Liquid Pressure Regulators, Steam & Electric Vaporizing Regulators, Calibration Equipment

Precision Gas & Liquid Pressure Regulators, Steam & Electric Vaporizing Regulators, Calibration Equipment

Orifice Plates

P & D/P Gauges, Diaghragm Seals, RTDs, Thermocouples, Bi-Metal Thermometers, Thermowells, Analyzers, Pressure Gauges, and Temperature Equipment

Portable Gas Detection & Flame Detection Units & Confined Space Testing Equipment, Fixed Systems for Single & Multi Point Detection

Liquid, Combustion, & Process Gas Analyzers

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Measurement, Flowmeters

Flame Detection and Gas Detection

Flow, Level, Temperature & Pressure Measurement, Transmitters, Indicators / Controllers

Metering Valves, Precision Gas and Liquid Pressure Regulators, Vaporizing Regulators, Heated Regulators, and Calibration Equipment

Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Switches

Thermocouples, RTD’s, Reactor Temperature Assemblies, Temperature Transmitters, Thermocouple Wire, Thermowells, Instruments

Belt Scales, Weigh Feeders, Tramp Metal Detectors, C-Level Load Cells

Temperature Controllers, Power Controls, Thermocouples, RTDs, and Heaters

Infrared Thermometers in Single, Dual & Multi Wave Technologies, Calibrations