Dallas (Rockwall)

2475 Discovery Blvd.
Rockwall, TX 75032
Phone: 972-285-0115
Fax: 972-722-0112
Toll-Free: 800-879-9191

After Hours Emergency Customer Service, call 972-400-0702

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Hatfield Dallas (Rockwall) Office


Brian Herndon, Vice President

Tom Wheelis, Branch Manager

Danny Denison, Valve & Automation Product Manager

Greg Bloss, Steam & Hot Water Product Manager

Jane Warner, Office Manager / Sr. Inside Sales Associate

Dave Graver, Sr. Account Representative

John Johnson, Account Representative

Michael Patterson, Sr. Account Sales Representative

Bob Stell, Sr. Account Representative

Shaune Warner, Account Representative


Air Filters, Gas Filters, Liquid Filters, and Filter Housings & Elements To 40,000 PSIG

High Efficiency Filter Cartridges, Bag Filters and Liquid Filters, Specialty Amine Filters

Genie, Tornado, Avenger, Air/Gas Filters, Gas Sampling, Moisture Packets, and Separators

Oil Filters and Breathers to Remove Liquids and Contaminants

String Wound Cartridge Filters, Pleated Filters, Melt Blown and Liquid Filter Bags and Filtration Equipment

Air Intake, Liquid, and Compressed Air Filters & Gas Filters, and Mist Eliminators

Simplex and Duplex Basket Strainers, Y Strainers, Liquid Bag Filter Housings, Filter Bags, Bag Filters, and Liquid Filters

Air, Gas, and Steam Separators , Exhaust Heads, Air Vents

Filter Housings & Strainers

Rental & Trial Filters, High Flow Filters, String Wound Cartridges  & Filter Bags

Pocket Filters, Panel Filters, Diffusion Media

Cartridge and bag filter vessels, bag filters, cartridge filters, and membranes

Liquid Filters and Filter Housings

Plastic Strainers, Ball Valves and Filter Housings

Sock, Pleated, Coalescing, and Carbon Filters, Air Filters, Gas Filters, and Liquid Filters

Liquid Filters, Oil Filters, Coalescers, Turbine Oil Conditioners

Air Filters, Gas Filters, Replacements for American Air, Farr

Filters, Separators and Filtration Systems

Air & Gas Filters, Bag Filters, Liquid Filters, Filter Vessels, Backwashable Filters, Separators, and Fabricated Strainers

Filter Separators, Coalescers, Carbon Filters

Air Dryers and Compressed Air Filter Products

Bag Filters and Vessels, Specialty Bags for High Temperatures, Resin Bonded Filter Bags, Liquid Filters

Liquid Cartridges Filters & Membrane Filters

String wound and pleated filters

Multimedia and Sand Filtration Systems


Genie, Tornado, Avenger, Air/Gas Filters, Gas Sampling, Moisture Packets, and Separators

Level Measurement Controls and Systems

RF Admittance (Capacitance Based) Level Instrumentation, Ultrasonic, Magnetostrictive, Hydrostatic, Open Air Radar & TDR Instrumentation

PH, ORP, Conductivity, DO sensors and transmitter systems

Differential Flow Measurement, Accelarbar-Verabar-Wedge-Venturi-OFU, Vortex Measurement for Liquids, Gasses & Steam

Level Switches, Pressure Switches, Regulators, Pressure Transducers, Temperature Switches, High Pressure Diverting Valves

Solenoid Valves, Process Valve Actuation, Process Control Valves, Sensors for Level, Pressure, Flow & Fluid Analysis

High Pressure Needle Valves, Ball Valves, Subsea Valves, Fittings and Tubing

Electric Heat Trace Cable: Self-Regulating, Mineral Insulated and Constant Wattage, Controls, Pad Heaters, Temperature Equipment

Liquid Flowmeters for Process Chemicals, Water, Fuels & Oil

Magnetic Flow Measurement, Precision & Specialty Turbine, Positive Displacement & Ultrasonic Measurement, NIST Flow Lab

Aquarian Electronic Level Indication & Visual Gauge Sight Glass equipment for Boiler Steam Drum Water Level, Feedwater Heater Level/Alarming, Drain-Pot Level/Alarming

Process Analyzers for Gas & Liquid Samples

Liquid Level Sensors, Flow Switches, Pressure Switches & Transmitters, Small Solenoid Valves

Instrument and Pipe Fittings – 1/16″ OD-2″ OD, Brass, 316 SS and Monel, Precision Pipe Fittings – 1/8″ NPT – 1″ NPT, Brass and SS, Valves (Hoke & Gyrolok sales are only authorized in Oklahoma, Kansas, North & Central Texas)

Pressure Switches and Temperature Switches, Analyzers

Rotameters/Variable Area Flow Meters, Metal and Glass Tube Meters, Analyzers

Stainless Steel Tubing, Tube Fittings and Needle Valves

Flow Switches and Flow Meters, Excess Flow Valves, Rotameters, and Analyzers

Regulators, I/P and E/P Transducers and Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges – Vacuum to 60,000 PSIG, Analyzers and Calibration Equipment

Calibration Equipment, Measurement Equipment, HART Calibrators, and Flow Meters & Elements

Pneumatic and Electric Level Switches and Control Valves

Moisture Analyzers, Dew Point Analyzers: Portable & Fixed Units

P & D/P Gauges, Diaghragm Seals, RTDs, Thermocouples, Bi-Metal Thermometers, Thermowells, Analyzers, Pressure Gauges, and Temperature Equipment

Flame and Gas Detection

Metering Valves, Precision Gas and Liquid Pressure Regulators, Vaporizing Regulators, Heated Regulators, and Calibration Equipment

Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Switches

Temperature Controllers, Power Controls, Thermocouples, RTDs, and Heaters


Loading Racks, Bridges, Stairs, and Safety Equipment

Liquid Loading Arms and Safety Equipment

Static Grounding Solutions

Anti Slip Safety Products

Railroad, truck, and drum spill containment

Loading Racks, Bridges, Stairs, Safety Equipment, Loading Arms for Truck & Rail, Skids


Loading Racks, Bridges, Stairs, and Safety Equipment

Liquid Loading Arms and Safety Equipment

Safety Showers and Eyewash Equipment

Static Grounding Solutions

Anti Slip Safety Products

Flame and Gas Detection

Freeze & Scald Protection Valves, Temperature Control Products & Hosedown Stations, Steam Traps

Railroad, truck, and drum spill containment

Metal & Graphite Rupture Disks, Explosion Vents