Hatfield and Company provides many safety related products such as: Fixed and portable gas detection, Safety Relief Valves, Safety Showers, Anti Slip products, and safety hoops for loading.


Loading Racks, Loading Access, Bridges, Stairs, and Safety Equipment


Marine Access Equipment & Modular Platform Systems

Liquid Loading Arms and Safety Equipment

Wireless & Wired Gas Detection

Safety Showers and Eyewash Equipment

Multi Gas and Single Gas Detection

Flow Switches and Flowmeters, Excess Flow Valves, Rotameters, and Analyzers

Static Grounding Solutions

Portable Gas Detection & Flame Detection Units & Confined Space Testing Equipment, Fixed Systems for Single & Multi Point Detection

Anti Slip Safety Products

Flame Detection and Gas Detection

Freeze Protection & Scald Protection Valves, Temperature Control Products & Hosedown Stations, Steam Traps

Railroad, truck, and drum spill containment

Metal & Graphite Rupture Disks, Explosion Vents