Hand & Gauge Valves, Manifolds, Direct Mount Systems, Enclosures, Severe Service Valves

Specialty Cleaning Chemicals for Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers and other process equipment

Safety Relief Valves, Triple Off Set Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic & Electric Control Valves, Bellow Seal Globe Valves

Pipe Supports and Hangers

Valves, Ball Valves, Actuators, and Valve Control Products

Control Valves (1/2″ to 2″) for Low Flow & Extreme Temperature & Pressures

Level Switches, Pressure Switch, Regulators, Pressure Transducers, Temperature Switch, High Pressure Diverting Valves

Solenoid Valves, Process Valve Actuation, Process Control Valves, Sensors for Level, Pressure, Flow & Fluid Analysis


High Pressure Needle Valves, Ball Valves, Subsea Valves, Fittings and Tubing

Orifice Plate Fittings, Flange Fittings, Meter Runs, Manifold Valves

Regulators, Controllers, Control Valves, Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vents, & Flame and Detonation Arrestors, Tank Blanketing Valves, Pilot Operated Valves, Tank Manifolds, Tank Vent Valves

Control Valves, and Trim, Ball Valves, Actuators, Valve Automation, Regulators, Centrifuges, Chemical Injection Pumps

Silent Inline Lift Checks NPT and Flanged, Check Valves for Liquid, Gas and Steam Services

Dry Disconnects, API Couplers, Adapters


Simplex and Duplex Basket Strainers, Y Strainers, Liquid Bag Filter Housings, Filter Bags, Bag Filters, Amine Filters and Liquid Filters

Air, Gas, and Steam Separators , Exhaust Heads, Air Vents

Ball, Control, Plug & Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

DSI Gate Valves, Globe and Ball Valves, FET Gate Valves

Meter Skids, Custody Transfer Skids, Fabrication Packaging and Maintenance Services

Plastic Strainers, Ball Valves and Filter Housings

Instrument and Pipe Fittings – 1/16″ OD-2″ OD, Brass, 316 SS and Monel, Precision Pipe Fittings – 1/8″ NPT – 1″ NPT, Brass and SS, Valves (Hoke & Gyrolok sales are only authorized in Oklahoma, Kansas, North & Central Texas)

Pressure & Temperature Regulators, Electric, Pneumatic & Fractional Flow Control Valves, Low Flow Valves, High Pressure Regulators, Disc & Pinch Valves, Controls Valves

Stainless Steel Tubing, Tube Fittings and Needle Valves

Spring Operated Relief Valves

Pneumatic and Electric Level Switches and Control Valves, Flow Switch

Pipeline Cleaning Pigs


Electric, Fluid Power, Process Controls Actuators; Gearboxes & Valve Accessories

Automatic Recirculation Valves, Severe Service Steam Conditioning Valves, Desuperheater Control Valves

Sliding Gate, Ball Sector, On/Off & Globe Valves

Sanitary Pressure Regulators, Control & Ball Valves, Steam Traps, On/Off Valves & Clean Gas Distribution Manifolds

Ball Valves, Actuators and Control Accessories to 5,000 PSIG


Metering Valves, Precision Gas and Liquid Pressure Regulators, Vaporizing Regulators, Heated Regulators, and Calibration Equipment

Freeze Protection & Scald Protection Valves, Temperature Control Products & Hosedown Stations, Steam Traps

Sampling Valves, Drain Valves, Diverter & Mixing Valves, Line Blinds

SmartStep® Actuators, Precision Electric, Fail Safe Actuators

Air, Ball, Butterfly, Check and Plug Valves featuring QuadroSphere™ Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Segmented ball control valves, manual & lined butterfly valves, power plant valves, check valves, pipeline valves, gate valves & globe valves, electric actuators & pneumatic actuators.

Metal & Graphite Rupture Disks, Explosion Vents